Taste the authentic Persian cuisine with this interactive CD-Rom. Pick your category from the recipe index and choose from the many delicious dishes that your family will love!


  Our wonderful new CD gives you over 100 delicious recipes from appetizers, soups and main courses to desserts 


Free Recipes


Please enjoy these wonderful free recipes as our gift to you. These are simply a small taste of the fantastic recipes in store for you after you purchase the CD of Shirin's Persian Cuisine.


Please click on any of the recipes below for sample shots of this interactive CD-ROM and sample some of the best ethnic cooking you have ever tried.


Saffron Rice (Tahchin Polo)

Cucumber Yogurt (Mast-e-Khiar)

Mixed Rice & Meat Balls (Cofteh)

Vegetable Kabobs




The recipe index is filled with menu descriptions, beautiful color photos and enchanting Persian music.